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Vacuum Heat Treatment
Vaccum heat treatment achieves enhanced performance for metal parts through carefully controlled metallurgical transformations within a vacuum furnace.

By subjecting the metal parts to precisely controlled temperatures in a non-contaminating vacuum environment, the parts can be hardened, heat treated, tempered, or annealed to achieve their required hardness, mechanical properties or ductility, with bright and clean surfaces.

Advantages of Vacuum Heat Treatment :
No decarburisation
Minimal distortion
No oxidation of components
Achieve bright and clean surfaces
High temperature homogeneity
Heat treatment control with load thermocouples (to achieve precise temperature control per customers' requirements)
Full hardening procedure : heating, soaking and quenching and tempering are all completed within the same vacuum furnace chamber.
Advanced programming and automation achieves, and reproduces quality, precise, and consistent results

LTI Specialised services :
With excellent technologically advanced German furnaces built for quality treatment works, and our experienced competent heat treatment specialists, you can be assured of quality results.

Our treatment works are administered by trained personnel with good metallurgical background, and trained on vacuum furnace process applications in Germany.

For technical advice, please email support@ltiasia.com.sg

Hardening and Tempering
A hardening cycle refers to the heating and cooling treatment process that is used to harden and toughen the metal. A further tempering process reduces the hardness but toughens the part. These processes if done in vacuum will produce bright and clean part surfaces.
Vacuum Solution Treatment
A re-crystallisation heat treatment process that reinstates the parts to their austenitic condition.
Vacuum Annealing
Also known as bright annealing, this vacuum heat treatment process softens metals, delivering required microstructure changes. This process improves machinability, dimensional stability amongst other properties.
Vacuum Baking
A specialised vacuum hardening treatment that achieves increased micro hardness for better wear resistance.
Vacuum Ageing / Precipitation
A heat treatment process creating an alloy phase change, to harden the material.
Sub-zero /
Deep cryogenic treatment
A deep freezing process treatment that transforms retained austenite to martensite in the part. This transformation produces greater stability, and increases both the hardness and abrasive wear resistance of the treated part.
This process refers to heat treatment at a temperature above the transformation range, creating a phase change in the metal part’s microstructure. Vacuum normalizing has the added benefit of grain refinement.
A metal softening heat treatment process
Stress relief of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys :
A heat treatment process with furnace slow cooling to reduce stress in fabricated or machined parts.

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