Strict quality management and control procedures

Quality assurance records
Quality assurance records are maintained for all job processes, tests, and customer requirement compliance standards. Records will be kept on file for a minimum of (3) to (7) years depending on document relevance, and shall include the following :

job order specification and process sheets
charge load files
special process certifications
calibration certifications
incidence reports

Compliance procedures and corrective action
Compliance policies are strictly adhered by all operations staff from point of customers’ parts receipt to point of completion of treatment works. Any treatment works found to be in non-conformance to specification requirements will be immediately registered and investigated to determine source of discrepancy.

Control of treatment, measuring and test equipment
Internal methods, controls, and responsibilities for the periodic calibration, maintenance of all our specialized equipment are established, and applied with strict adherence.

State-of-the-art vacuum furnaces from Germany and our progressive, experienced and well-trained operations team.
With excellent technologically advanced German furnaces built for quality treatment works, and our experienced competent heat treatment specialists, you can be assured of quality results.

Our treatment works are administered by trained personnel with good metallurgical background, and trained on vacuum furnace process applications in Germany.

For technical advice, please email

Extensive & efficient collection and delivery network
Islandwide collection and delivery service* is provided for LTI customers. Customer drop off points for same day service (subject to process required and loading availability) is also available on site at our Ubi heat treatment facility.

Prompt and efficient customer service team
Call our service hotline for any technical or marketing enquiries. It is critical that you specify the correct and relevant treatment you need. When in doubt, simply call us for any advice or consultation to ensure that the very best, and relevant treatments are administered.

* conditions apply
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